Trucker Software Is Useful In Many Ways

Trucker software comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. There are a bunch of different ways that it gets used. For example, one variation of trucker software is software used to help dispatch. It is also software that helps manage a trucker’s daily operations.

So in that case, trucker software would be something like a TMW application. Or something along those lines where it is an asset management TMS. When I say an asset management TMS, what that means is a TMS that focuses on keeping track of where your assets are. It also focuses on how we are going to get them to the next location.

TMW is an example of one that works on larger customers. It can be a little pricey when working with it. But it is a TMS that can support many trucks moving in lots of different ways. It is useful for trucks handling lots of pickups, and intermediate locations as well.

Visibility In Trucker Software

Now another way to talk about trucker software is to talk about visibility. When we are talking about visibility, that has to do with where is the truck. It also has to do with communicating the location information back. In visibility, MacroPoint is one of the leaders, and Trucker Tools is another leader. Then at Teknowlogi, we have an application as well.

But these applications are about managing a stop to another stop. They are about taking those stops and keeping track of where the driver is along the way. They are also facilitating document retrieval. They make sure the documents get back from the driver to the shipper or logistics provider.

What To Look Out For

Another type of trucker software is onboard applications. An onboard application is the electronic logbooks or the ELDs. ELD means electronic logging devices. When you value any trucker software options, the first thing is to understand what to look for. You have to understand what the objectives are that you are trying to solve. That comes in a couple of different ways.

A lot of times when you start looking for trucker software you look at what you currently have and do. This creates one of our biggest challenges. But a better way to do that is to look at the problems that we want to solve. So let’s look at what we are trying to change by doing this. Are we looking to make our business more efficient? Are we looking to improve visibility of where our trucks are and what our drivers are doing? Are we looking to be in compliance with what our drivers are doing day-to-day?

trucker software

The First Step In Choosing A Software

Write down a list of objectives and put the end object down of what you are trying to solve. So when you do start looking for software solutions, you know what you are trying to get to. So we look through them and we find some that meet two or three of the requirements, but not all ten of the requirements. So that is not the best fit. Or they solve our most important criteria first and solve some of the bigger problems better. Or some of our less important problems they don’t do as well with, that would be a software product that is a better fit.

First, identify what problems you are trying to solve. Then start looking for vendors that can solve those problems. Trucker software can improve our daily lives in lots of different ways. It depends on what problems you are trying to solve.

How It Affects The Driver

So if I’m a driver, and I’m spending my day in the cab, there are many things that trucker software can do for me. Some of these things include helping with visibility. This has to do with if I want to get calls from dispatchers or deal with sending text messages while driving. It would be better if a software application can communicate that information for me.

Another example of how trucker software helps drivers include helping with PODs. At the end of the day, they have done 20 stops. They have these 20 pieces of paper along with all the attachments and the bill of ladings. They have to keep track of that so they can get it back to the dispatcher and scan the documents and so forth. But if I have good trucker software then it makes the process way easier. I can snap pictures of the documents to reduce the amount of effort that I have to put in as a driver. Then the driver can streamline the day and make it a little easier for them to get the job done.

Trucker Software Helps The Dispatcher

Also, now trucker software can be different if you are a dispatcher. From a dispatch point of view, you need to keep track of where these trucks are. So having a good trucker software that gives you that kind of visibility is critical. Now there are a lot of different trucking software applications that are out there. For example, we have TMW and they do a great job when you have a lot of trucks, but it also comes at a price. Other options track single trucks. There are even other options that are ELDs, in-cab devices.

One of the things that we do at Teknowlogi, is we have some trucker software that is for small fleets. This software is for the fleets that have three to 20 trucks. It is for the guys that are driving and also managing three or four drivers. So, in this case, you have a hybrid of what you need.

The Most Important Aspects

You need a software product that can manage the visibility of you and all your drivers. But you want to be able to see it both ways. You want to be able to manage the deliveries that you are handling that day. You also want to be able to manage the visibility into your other trucks and the other drivers.

The trucker software at Teknowlogi, TAI Mobile application, can help out smaller carriers. Carriers that have a small number of trucks and need that visibility. There are smaller carriers who want to compete with the leaders in the marketplace. These smaller carriers can’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this and that is where we come in.

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