MacroPoint’s History

MacroPoint and FourKites are the leaders in truckload tracking applications in the market. Both of these companies have been around for years.

MacroPoint is serving as a pioneer for tracking innovation within the industry. GPS and cellphone triangulation both used to be viable methods of tracking trucks. They used thorough at-base solutions, non-at-base solutions, and in-cab electronic logging devices.

At the beginning of 2019 cellphone triangulation became prohibited due to privacy concerns. This was the primary method both MacroPoint and FourKites were using. Leaving the industry with at-base solutions as the primary option for freight tracking.

The New Solution

Well, Tai Mobile is an app-based solution that competes with MacroPoint. There are many advantages to having an app-based solution. Including customization, flexibility, and real-time communication with the driver. Also, you can customize Tai Mobile by adding what you want at delivery.


MacroPoint only tracks whereas Tai Mobile can offer instructions. The instructions can include which dock at the warehouse the load is at. It can even offer documentations such as PODs and signatures. As well as pictures of freight and barcode scanning. With an app-based solution, the sky is the limit.

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