A La Carte Services

Teknowlogi’s IT Support is here to help you with additional backend support to help your business thrive.

Tariff Support

  • $75 – $100 – API Connection & Set Up
  • $150 – $350 – Manual Build Tariff (Depends on size)
  • EDI Connectivity Included
  • Contact Support For New API Development

Database Updates

$150 MIN – Varies depending on time needed

EDI Connectivity

$1000 – Includes set up, testing, validation with receiving entity.

Supported EDI:

  • Incoming/Outgoing EDI 204
  • Incoming/Outgoing EDI 214
  • Incoming/Outgoing EDI 210

On-Site Visits

$1000 per day + travel expenses – On-site visit with a senior support technician. The technician will provide training, meet with staff, etc.

Training Calls

$150 per session

Approx. 1 hour

Web Services

$150 / hr – Assistance with API Web Service setup and client-side debugging

Bulk Rating

$150 per bulk rate file. Maximum 1000 lines.

Site Customization

$300 – We can customize the look and feel of the TMS landing page to represent your business. Certain limitations apply.

Custom Content Templates

$150 – Includes customization of available content templates. Best suited for personalizing the documentation being sent from the TMS.

Are your integration opportunities limited?

These Are the Solutions We Offer



The shipping world is changing. Specifically, more and more of the process is being handled by an intersection of human and programmatic solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced algorithms offer the ability to identify problems and patterns, analyze better alternatives, and react on-the-fly to changing conditions. A successful transportation management strategy in the contemporary logistics environment will surely involve these tested and astounding developments.

Tai Mobile

Tai Mobile

Business process management in the shipping space doesn't mean what it used to. Where once BPM saw operations management seeking to merely control processes, contemporary solutions also manage everything from minute-to-minute to year-over-year tracking and analytics. asset carriers, 3PLs, and shippers can all benefit from tailored, affordable solutions that present decision makers in the office and on the road with actionable data, advanced automation, and meaningful insights.

Tai Advisor

Tai Advisor

For many, the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics remain nebulous. while one certainly understands the crux of the technologies and how they can generally be applied to a use case, many also struggle to understand what tangible benefits are available to their enterprise's specific schema. Previously, as it remains today, a superior supply chain strategy involved talented managers, meticulous actuaries, and nearly clairvoyant purchasers. While these individuals and others are still critical to success in this space, AI offers a new dimension of insight and meaningful decision making information.



The challenge for any industry in implementing integration and automation lies in the fact that executives naturally understand what is most desirable to an enterprise, but lack the time and development expertise to effectively implement their informed ideas. Teknowlogi follows tested project management philosophies (SCRUM, Agile), homegrown best practices, and shipping/logistics focused experience to deliver consummate business process streamlining.

Buyer Marketplace

Buyer Marketplace

Do you need more leverage to negotiate better rates and eliminate the guesswork? Teknowlogi's Buyer Marketplace is a value add component of our overall offering. Whereas your TMS leverages your enterprise data, the Buyer Marketplace collects pricing data industry-wise for the commodity services that you purchase every day. The Buyer Marketplace is a great way to confidently maintain purchasing norms and track overhead trends.

Seller Marketplace

Seller Marketplace

In an increasingly commoditized market, customer service and transparency are the best ways for logistics providers to capture market share and dominate sectors. Leverage Teknowlogi’s system to grow shipment volumes that align to your "sweet spot" service offerings while delivering shipment life cycle visibility to your customers.

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