About Teknowlogi

Easy-to-use transportation and logistics automation software that connects you and your carriers.

Helping You Be the Best Version of Yourself

  • Why

    At the core of our DNA, we believe every organization in the industry can-and-should operate as the most perfect version of itself at all times. It is our mission to build and deliver Teknowlogi solutions that make this possible.

  • How

    Teknowlogi Artificial Intelligence (TAI) is the industry’s new best friend. Tai is our multi-patented, integration friendly, super intelligent upgrade mechanism for all legacy industry systems. Tai doesn’t just ANALYZE and ADVISE, Tai also EXECUTES.

  • What

    Logistics Expert System (LES) is the industry’s next natural progression in thinking, terminology, and platform capability. LES combines legacy industry systems with Business Intelligence (BI), Consulting Intelligence (CI), Integration Intelligence (II), Mobile Intelligence (MI), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). LES enables organizations to operate at efficient levels not humanly possible.

Leadership Team

  • Walter Mitchell
    Walter Mitchell Chief Technology Officer
  • Daniel Ely
    Daniel Ely Software Development Manager

The Team

  • Alisha Sermons
    Alisha Sermons Technical Solutions Specialist
  • Allen Wang
    Allen Wang Developer
  • Chris Vinciguerra
    Chris Vinciguerra Senior Software Developer
  • Kyle Wang
    Kyle Wang Technical Solutions Specialist
  • Paul Lee
    Paul Lee Developer
  • Scott Lee
    Scott Lee Senior Software Developer
  • Tim Lucas
    Tim Lucas Implementation Manager
  • Sean McGillicuddy
    Sean McGillicuddy Marketing & Business Development