Upgrade Your Logistics Software to a Logistics Expert System (LES)

Gain New-Found Visibility and Data Access to Achieve Real-Time Decision-Making

The Logistics Expert System (LES) is a new breed of advanced technology platform category that represents the next evolution of TMS―and more. Already successfully deployed in finance and healthcare, expert systems are programs using artificial intelligence techniques to emulate the decision-making ability of human experts.

The logistics industry’s time has come to implement the sophistication necessary to identify problems or patterns; analyze better alternatives; and react on-the-fly to changing conditions.

Tai Advisor is a Powerful Logistics Software Platform Built on Artificial Intelligence

The LES is powered by Tai and is able to assess, analyze, provide recommendations and execute change for numerous logistical and business situations that affect all players within the shipping industry. Tai is the industry’s first solution that incorporates business process management and consulting intelligence into the platform’s workflow.

Tai Mobile Intelligence Transcends Other Industry Mobile Apps

Tai Mobile Intelligence enables on-demand self-service for data, business process management, and API management for all segments of the logistics industry, creating a one-stop shop for all types of asset carriers, 3PLs and shippers. It enables end-users to address industry “hot points” such as shipment visibility and shipment management, truck and trailer capacity management anytime and from any location.

The Teknowlogi Difference

  • Intelligence and Practicality Are Built into Our Solutions
  • Upgrades for Existing Legacy Systems Are Easy and Painless
  • Affordable Pricing Models Create Quick and Tangible ROI
  • Customer Service is Second to None
  • Security, Scalability and Performance Are Mission-Critical




Teknowlogi has revolutionized, simplified, and standardized the methods for real-time data exchange for the entire shipment lifecycle from quoting to final invoice and collections.

Whether you are an Asset-Based Carrier supporting hundreds and thousands of customers, or you are a Third Party Logistics Provider, Freight Forwarder, or Shipper doing business with hundreds and even thousands of carriers, our Integration Teknowlogi and platform provides a Single-Point of Integration for your business. Connect your business to Teknowlogi, and Teknowlogi will connect your business to the rest of the world.



Our Carrier Teknowlogi platform will change the way you view and consume Low Cost IT, handle all of your shipment Dispatch, manage Drivers, support Customers, interact with Load Boards, interface with your accounting software, and automate the entire shipment lifecycle. Ask us how your business can use or integrate to our Carrier Teknowlogi.



Our 3PL TMS to manage all of your freight contracts, quote multiple carriers, book shipments, track shipments, least cost route, electronic routing guide for vendors and suppliers, reporting, accounting, private labeling capabilities all from one platform. Ask us how your business can use or integrate to our 3PL Teknowlogi.

Easy to Use Tools, Interface

Our 3PL TMS offers user-friendly interfacing tools that support the management of your freight brokerage with little or no training.

State of the Art Rating Engine

Our 3PL TMS Rating Engine allows you to load the most complicated LTL and TL contracted tariffs: by discounted carrier base rates, weight breaks, pallet positions, CWT, linear feet, mileage.

Implementations Made Easy

Get the most out of your 3PL TMS with training tailored to your brokers specific needs at their own pace.

Carrier API Connectivity

The new Teknowlogi API allows you to obtain rates, electronically dispatch, view tracking information, and retrieve shipping documents directly from your LTL carriers.

EDI Capabilities

Our 3PL TMS automates exchange of data in real-time: Load Tendering (204), Status Update (214), Invoicing (210).

Customer Facing Tools

Our 3PL TMS gives your customers the ability to Quote, Book, and Track all quotes and shipment activity with a complete set of online tools.

Business intelligence / Reporting

Comprehensive BI tools are built into the TMS, giving you deep insight into your customers, carriers and business. Flexible and customizable reports are also fully supported.

Create Custom Sites

With our 3PL TMS, we have the unique ability to create a customer branded site that looks and feels just like your freight brokerage.

Accounting Made Simple

Our 3PL TMS provides an interactive accounting system that allows you to manage and audit your AR / AP, sync into Quickbooks and eliminate double entry.



Shipper Teknowlogi to manage all of your freight contracts, quote multiple carriers, track your freight, least cost route, and utilize robust reporting tools all from one common platform. Ask us how your business can use or integrate to our Shipper Teknowlogi.

Least Cost Routing

Calculate all your customer specific LTL and TL rates in seconds and select the most efficient carrier on every shipment

Real-Time Tracking Information

Receive automated tracking updates (EDI 214) from the carriers for all your shipments and retrieve real-time tracking information from the carrier’s website by clicking our convenient carrier tracking links

Tariff Management

Give your business the ability to audit your freight invoices, by utilizing our tariff management system


In today’s world of highly complex Global Freight Forwarding, our Freight Forwarder Teknowlogi will simplify the way you manage your operations and communicate with your customers. LTL rating has never been easier for Freight Forwarders and your overseas agents. Ask us how your business can use or integrate to our Freight Forwarder Teknowlogi.

Turnkey solution

Our Tier 1 TMS provides a fully integrated platform supporting the movement of shipments from A to B quickly and efficiently

A True Business Tool

A full featured TMS that will provide significant data on your operation and customers. With a few clicks, you can see trends in shipment history, revenue generation, margin information and accounting

Automated Life Cycle of a Shipment

Our Freight Forwarder TMS allows you to automatically book with your carriers, in-transit tracking, document generation and a robust accounting system. All which will allow you to improve your overall customer performance and reduce cost